Persona: An Inner Cast of Characters - 15 Original Drawings by Lorraine Shirkus
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The Persona Series was begun in October 2000 using a lithography press at O'Brien Graphics in Aspen, Colorado. An image is drawn directly onto a thin metal plate using litho inks that have been reduced with solvents to have paint-like viscosity. Flat areas of rich color are achieved by rolling stiff inks onto the plate. Various tools are used: paintbrushes, large rollers, brayers, pencils or other soft implements to draw or “carve” into the ink layer. The plate is then positioned onto a lithography press and a sheet of paper is carefully laid on top of the plate. The image is transferred from the plate onto the paper under great pressure. When it is peeled off the plate, the paper has absorbed a mirror image of the original drawing. There is always a moment of surprise to see the work presented as opposite to the way it was created. Subsequent layers of ink in varying transparencies can be applied to the plate and printed again over the initial image yielding depth of color, transparency and creating new areas of color furthering the element of surprise. Because printmaking techniques are used, these images are often called “monotypes” or “monoprints” meaning one-of-a-kind print. The layers of ink on paper provide a sensuous surface for soft pastels, oil pastels, pencil and even paint—all are used to complete the final drawing.


The Persona Series: Original Drawings

The original one-of-a-kind drawings are approximately 16” x 16” centered on 22” square Arches 100% cotton paper. The edge of the image area is slightly embossed into the paper and the O’Brien Studio stamp appears on the back, certifying it as an original.


The Persona Series: Limited Edition Prints

Each original drawing has been digitally photographed and printed at actual size as an archival quality reproduction on Somerset Velvet (100% cotton) at Alternative Ink in San Antonio, Texas. Each is signed and numbered by the artist in limited editions of 200.

Each Giclée is also available at 50% size: image at approximately 8” square centered on 10.5” x 10.5” paper. The small format prints are not numbered.

Unfamiliar with the Giclée printing process?  Click here to learn more.

All 15 images are also compiled in full color in a 74-page, spiral-bound Engagement Calendar for 2002. ($15)  Click here to view details of calendar.


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